Decision Tree Classifier is a simple and widely used classification technique that applies a straightforward idea to solve the classification problem.

Working of Decision Tree


A deep insight into logistic regression including the math involved in it.

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Introduction to Classification

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How Stepwise Regression Works

  • The Backward Method: Whenever a model is fully…

What if the simple linear regression model can’t find any relationship between the target and the predictor variable?🤔

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What is Polynomial Regression?

Solving overfitting and underfitting problems of the linear regression by using some new regression techniques.

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Linear Regression is the beginner’s algorithm for a kick-start in Machine Learning. Let's take a deep dive into the Math behind this algorithm.

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A complete discussion on dataset types and ML algorithms for beginners. Processes involved in creating the ML model will also be covered.

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How does Machine Learning Work?

  • The Machine Learning algorithm is trained using a training dataset and a model is created.
  • Then the trained model works on a test dataset and generates predictions.
  • The prediction is evaluated for accuracy and if the accuracy is acceptable, the Machine Learning model is deployed. If the accuracy is not acceptable, then the Machine Learning model is trained with other techniques.
  • The type of technique (or algorithm) of ML used…

An important Python library for Machine Learning.

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Key Features of Pandas

  • It’s fast and efficient DataFrame object indexing easy.
  • Used for reshaping and pivoting of the data sets.
  • Group by data for aggregations and transformations.
  • It is used for data alignment and integration of the missing data.
  • Provide the functionality of Time Series.
  • Process a variety of data sets in different formats like matrix data, tabular heterogeneous, time series.
  • Handle multiple operations of the data sets such as subsetting, slicing, filtering, groupBy, re-ordering, and re-shaping.
  • It integrates with the…

Python’s beginner libraries to start Machine Learning.

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The History of AI

Step towards AI

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